What To Wear

In general:
Make sure you're comfortable in what you're wearing. When you're not, it shows in the picture! Also, pick outfits and colors that reflect you! Chances are, you'll have at least some of these pictures up in your home. What colors do you want on the wall? 

For Family Sessions

Layer, Layer, Layer! Layers add texture, color and visual interest to your pictures! Try and pick neutrals and add a splash of color. Don't be too matchy. Have fun coordinating your outfits with scarfs, jackets, sweaters, jewelry etc. Try to avoid large logos since they can be distracting.  Click here to see some examples. 

For the baby bring a least one plain white onesie, and any props, headbands, etc you would like in the picture with them. I have some options you can pick from, but if you have something specific in mind, bring it along.
For parents and siblings, keep it simple. Stick to light/neutral colors.
I also usually ask one parent to bring a black shirt. 


Bring a more formal outfit and a more casual outfit. Again, any props you'd like to bring, go for it! I love it when people have something in mind they'd like to try. If you'd like some tips on what to wear for engagements click here

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